Villum Fonden: Villum Investigators

The aim of the Villum Investigator Programme is to allow outstanding experienced researchers to pursue original new ideas in the technical or natural sciences.

Applicants are expected to be active researchers with a track record of excellent research for the last 10 years or more.


  • Pursue original new ideas
  • For outstanding experienced researchers
  • In the technical or natural sciences
A Villum Investigator is appointed for a six-year period at a Danish university or other Danish research institution. Applicants who are already established in Denmark may apply for up to DKK 30 million. Applicants who at the time of application have been employed outside Denmark for at least four of the last five years may apply for up to DKK 40 million.

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    Up to DKK 40 million

  • Ansøgningstidspunkt

    21.08.2024 14.00
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