Novo Nordisk Fonden: Non-diabetic Endocrinology II

The purpose of the Non-Diabetic Endocrinology – Collaborative Project Grants is to provide exceptional researchers within clinical endocrinology the possibility to establish collaborative research projects with a unifying vision and mission and facilitate synergy between the research partners.


  • Strenthen clinical collaborative research within non-diabetic endocrinology
  • Position Denmark at an international level
  • Improving prevention and care for patients with non-diabetic endocrine disorders
The research projects must be clinical and collaborative and focus on endocrine disorders within e.g.; thyroid, calcium metabolism, pituitary/adrenal/neuroendocrine and gonadal disorders. Projects within diabetes research are not eligible. Due to the collaborative purpose of the grant, the research project must comprise applicants from a minimum of three different Danish university hospitals (the main applicant and a minimum of two co-applicants must be from different Danish university hospitals), in solving a challenge within the area of clinical non-diabetic endocrinology. This could be accomplished by establishing national cohorts and/or infrastructure or by other means. International scientific and clinical collaboration on the research project where relevant is strongly encouraged.

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    Up to 10 million DKK

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