Novo Nordisk Fonden: NNF Sustain Programme

The purpose of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Sustain Programme is to encourage the scientific use of existing data, specifically for cardiometabolic disease (CMD) research, through a funding mechanism that supports both the custodians of the databases and the researchers who use the data. The goal is to sustain high-quality health databases, encourage custodians to make data accessible, and ultimately advance understanding, prevention, and treatment of CMD.


  • Scientific use of existing data
  • Specifically for cardiometabolic disease
  • Support for both database custodians and researchers
Total grant capital of up to DKK  50 million is available for grants awarded to data custodians (Part 1) and researchers (Part 2) who apply to the Sustain programme. For database custodians, grants will be commensurate with the number of research proposals submitted and selected for funding (up to DKK 12 million if the maximum of three research proposals are matched with one database).

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    Total grant capital of up to DKK 50 million

  • Ansøgningstidspunkt

    29.08.2024 14.00
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