Københavns Universitet: SAMF Data Lab

The SAMF Data Lab has funds available for social science researchers within the University of Copenhagen for the creation and support of research infrastructure- such as databases, register data, as well as the establishment of corpora and development of research tools, or data intensive, innovative social science research.


  • Create and support research infrastructure
  • Within the social sciences
  • At the University of Copenhagen
There will be three rounds of funding: 150000 DKK, 150000 DKK, and 200000 DKK. It is likely that 3-5 grants will be awarded per round, so that, for example, 150000 DKK would be split between 3-5 awards in the first round.

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    150.000 kr.

  • Ansøgningstidspunkt

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