Horizon Europe: Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 8 II

The overall aim of this topic is to build a public-private partnership that is able to integrate and leverage the plethora of existing and currently collected data on OA, as well as the increasing insights and expertise gathered over decades of research.


  • Integrate different perspectives to improve the understanding of osteoarthritis as a complex disease
  • Foster progress towards regulatory validation of patient-relevant endpoints to measure and predict OA disease progression
  • Incorporate the perception of patients, care givers, primary care physicians and regulators
The action generated by this topic should pave the way towards transforming the current isolated research efforts and static late-stage development approaches into a more patient-centred and simplified (more inclusive/enriched patient population, shorter study duration, potential enablement of the evaluation of preventive or early therapeutic strategies based on predicted outcomes, cost-effectiveness etc.) as well as sustainable part of clinical research and development.

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    Approx. 14.000.000€

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