Carlsbergfondet: Visiting Fellowships ved University of Oxford

The aim of the visiting fellowships is to provide the most promising Danish research talents with experience from an elite university which they can later apply in Denmark to the benefit of Danish research and their own future career.


  • Experience from an elite university
  • Benefit of Danish research
  • Benefit own future career
The Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford are generally tax-free in Denmark, and amount to: DKK 450,000 per year if the applicant is travelling alone DKK 525,000 per year if the applicant is travelling with children. It is not possible to apply for funding in excess of the fixed rates.

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    Op til 525.000 kr. pr. år.

  • Ansøgningstidspunkt

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