Carlsbergfondet: Semper Ardens Accelerate

Three-year grants for newly appointed tenured associate professors to establish an independent research group or research environment, including the acquisition of research infrastructure (equipment, register data, etc.) and the formation of national/international networks.


  • Establish an independent research group or research environment
  • Acquisition of research infrastructure
  • The formation of national/international networks
The total amount applied for must not exceed DKK 5 million. Grants for this instrument are given as a framework grant and may be used to cover expenses that are relevant and necessary to complete the activity, such as consumables, equipment, travel, conferences etc.

Vigtig viden

  • Beløbsstørrelse

    Op til 5.000.000 kr.

  • Ansøgningstidspunkt

    Opens: 30.06.2024
    Deadline: 01.10.2024 16.00
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